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The Jamestown site was a peninsula, connected to the mainland by a narrow isthmus and protected on three sides by the James River, Back River and Sandy Bay.

Directed by the Virginia Company to find "the true, most wholesome and fertile place" to settle, the Jamestown site was defensible with a deep harbor close to shore.

Axes and hatchets are found in many of the features of the fort for felling timber and working it into useful pieces of wood was indispensable to the first colonists.

The broad axe has a broad flaring blade more appropriate for hewing.

Reading the slate has required skills from science and art.

At first white chalk dust was rubbed into the grooves of the inscriptions so high resolution digital images could be made and enhanced by computer.

The nation's taste in ornamental trees has changed fairly dramatically since the first street plantings were made in Williamsburg, Virginia, in the 1730s.

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Image above: James Fort construction, May-June 1607.This is both a document and a miniature archaeological site, where lines cut across each other to mark different moments in time.Writing rarely survives for archaeologists because paper deteriorates in soil.Based on recent discoveries at Jamestown, anthropologists believe native peoples began to use Jamestown Island's natural resources over 10,000 years ago.

That was a fact unknown to the English voyagers who landed on the shoreline of what would become known as Jamestown.

[Quaking Aspen: Trees of the Mountain West ] The paper mulberry, whose twisted trunks elicit so many comments from visitors, was one of the first Asian trees brought into cultivation as an ornamental tree in North America.

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