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Wait until you’re feeling confident that the connection between you is strong and that your relationship naturally seems to be moving in that direction.Although it may be easier, and less embarrassing, to get swept away on a sea of passion, it could be something you regret not talking about later.The video starts off with the daughter (Shikha Talsania) talking about her honeymoon with her mother (Ayesha Raza Mishra) using food puns and sexual innuendos and the mother responds in the same language.The daughter tells her mother about how she enjoyed orgasm by referring it to “pressure cooker’s whistle”.Even if you think you have never has any symptoms of a STD.Infections like Chlamydia often have no external symptoms but can still be passed on.

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Akalanka says a new glossary of sign language terms for sexuality and reproductive issues will help experts teach deaf and hearing-impaired people about those topics.

Blush & Chhoti Production Company has put such conversation out in the open and also highlighted the fact that women do have sexual needs and desires and it is absolutely okay to talk about them.

The pair spent a fairly normal and contented two years together before everything changed.… continue reading »

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